An organizational performance system is a vital tool that can help a company streamline its operations, fulfill its mission and vision, and achieve its financial goals. Saveh Consulting has a proprietary process by which we help build a novel Organizational Performance System that aligns to your companies goals.

The first step in creating this system would be to conduct a comprehensive strategy evaluation. This process involves assessing the current strategies the company uses to attain its objectives. We scrutinize all aspects of your organization’s operations, looking at both internal and external factors. This involves assessing the competitive landscape, reviewing your organizations market position, and analyzing its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT).

Having done a thorough evaluation of the current strategy, we then align the company’s financial goals with its mission and vision statements. This is critical because these statements provide direction and purpose for the company. Our experts challenge the existing strategy and structure, scrutinizing whether they contribute to the company’s objectives and values, or if they inhibit progress. This could lead to the creation of a new strategy, designed to better align the company’s operations with its overarching goals. The new strategy would typically involve setting new goals, changing operational procedures, or even altering the company’s business model to better achieve the mission and vision.

Once the new strategy is in place, it is crucial to align the organizational structure to support this strategy. This could mean restructuring departments, changing leadership roles, or modifying communication channels to ensure smooth implementation of the new strategy. Concurrently, a robust performance management system would be created to measure and manage employees’ performance, thereby ensuring everyone’s work aligns with the company’s strategic goals. Finally, a deployment plan would be established to ensure a seamless transition to the new strategy and structure. This would include clearly communicating the changes to all stakeholders, providing necessary training to employees, and establishing a timeline for the implementation of various changes. By following these steps, Saveh provides your organization with a comprehensive organizational performance system tailored to its unique needs and goals.